Monday, July 23, 2012

How Easy Is IT?

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  1. This was one of the topics which came up while you were gone. FWM argued that no illegal activity occurred since there were no arrests.

    But, all this doesn't really matter anyway since Cho Sung Hui, Jared Loughner, and not this clown all bought their guns through legal channels.

    Of course, the gun loons are worried since maybe, just maybe, people might start asking questions.

    But the answer was given in Heller-McDonald, background checks, licensing, and registration don't offend the Second Amendment.

    And gun bans are off the table.

    So, what's the excuse going to be now?

  2. In Oregon, as with most states, it is true that you can buy almost any gun with no questions asked, no background check or ID required. It's just cash-and-carry. And since there's no requirement to ask, the seller is off the hook and claim ignorance if he sells to a felon. According to a recent study, 49% of guns used in crimes were sold in a private sale. Requiring a background check would make the seller culpable and therefore reduce the number of illicit sales while driving up black market costs.

  3. I once raised the question with the gun guys, back when I was allowing comments. Here was my question: "When you sell a gun to a private buyer you don't know, how do you know the buyer doesn't fall into one of those categories? Do you care at all if you may be unknowingly abetting a shooting crime?"

    Here was a review of their responses:

    The basic answer is that they don't care, but some gave the bullshit answer that they always check the person to make sure they have a current conceal carry permit, implying this is the standard approach. This is bullshit because, of course, not every buyer has a conceal carry permit, not all states require a permit, and (as seen in the video), there is no mandate to do so anyway so why bother? None of the ads actually say anything about checking such a thing. Long as they get their cash. Selfish.