Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tragedy for a Philadelphia Heroin Dealer

CBS Philly reports

A 26-year-old drug dealing dad from Kensington has pleaded guilty to offenses that led to the accidental shooting death of his four-year-old son in July of last year.

Defendant Javier Merle, a previously convicted drug dealer, admitted today that he was selling drugs from his house when he stashed some heroin and a nine-millimeter gun in the couch before going outside during a disturbance.

His son and namesake, little Javier, was left inside with the gun and accidentally shot himself in the face. When police arrived, the boy was dead.

Philadelphia prosecutor Lorraine Donnelly says the family not only didn’t cooperate, they tampered with evidence.

“The family got rid of the loaded gun before the police arrived so they would not get in trouble,” she tells KYW Newsradio.  “Police and detectives worked very diligently to recover that gun. They received an anonymous tip the following day at about 9pm and found that gun in an abandoned car.”
You see, it's not enough to just let your kid find a gun and shoot himself in order for proper charges to be brought, you also need to be a heroin dealer and tamper with the evidence.

Every day we see cases in which parental negligence is overlooked because it was "just an accident."  But when you mess with the police, then you're sure to be held accountable.

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  1. He lost his kid, he sold drugs that may have caused others to loose their lives. He certianly ruined lots of other lives in the process. He needs to be removed from society forever. I wouldnt be against him losing his right to breath either.

  2. Comment removed again?

    Again, he lost his kid, sold drugs that would cause others to lose their lives and ruin countless more. He needs to be removed from society forever, maybe even is ability to breath.

  3. Mike, your comment is really odd... What point are you actually trying to make here? Are you trying to say that he wouldn't have been charged for negligent manslaughter if he hadn't been a drug dealer, tampered with evidence and lied to the police? I think you're way off kilter there Mikey...

    1. That's exactly what I'm saying. Aren't you reading the blog? I'm posting examples almost every day where this happens, a slap on the wrist, if that because it was only an accident.

    2. And thats where I have a problem, this guy with previous convictions is restricted from possesion of any firearm.

      I bet its going to end up with more than just a slap on the wrist, but what ever he gets will not be enough in my book.

      Accidents do happen. But this guy went way farther than an accident in so many ways. Deals in drugs, lied to the police, tampered with evidence and failure to secure a gun he is not supposed to have.

      GET A ROPE! Or get a firing squad.

  4. Every life that is lost is a tragedy. How much more so when an innocent child is the victim. For those who seriously desire to disengage from the dangerous world of heroin addiction, there is help available for those who seek it.