Saturday, September 1, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death - A Strange One

When officers entered the home, they found a man lying face down on a fan with a pool of blood around his head and a black revolver next to his right hand, the report said. The victim was identified as James Gagum, 43, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses said the victim was in the recliner and had been watching a movie, then picked up his gun, held it to his head and stated, “That’s not how its done,” the report said. He began pulling the trigger when, on the third pull, the gun went off. 

Sgt. Robert Kegler, public information officer with Horry County police, said the shooting was accidental.
Gagum was in the news last spring when he shot and killed one of three suspects who broke into his home, threatening him and his wife at gunpoint and demanding money and valuables, Kegler said. Gagum did not face charges in the incident.
Strange accident, wouldn't you say? Did they figure he thought the gun was empty, or that he thought he'd get away with three Russian roulette attempts?

I suppose it's just an interesting coincidence that he'd been the author of a successful DGU in the past. You don't think that has anything to do with this, do you?

What about alcohol or drugs, do you think he was under the influence?

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  1. There you go again, trying to speculate without waiting to hear the facts. Why don't you just comment about what the facts are and wait until more facts come out? That's how real reporting is supposed to happen.

    No matter if he was drunk, high or other, he was dumb enough to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger multiple times. He leaned his lesson if he believes in the after life, if not... case closed.

    1. maybe dumb people shouldn't have guns?
      tom webber

    2. We used to say that people of subnormal intelligence shouldn't be allowed to reproduce, but now we as a nation see that as a violation of their rights. Tom Webber, perhaps you could identify what standard you would use to evaluate who is too "dumb" to own a gun?