Monday, October 29, 2012

Lawful Gun Owner in Vermont Goes Bad reports
State police and Border Patrol agents were called to a party in Charleston about 1 a.m. Sunday regarding a shooting.

When police arrived, a crowd pushed 24-year-old Lee Sykes of Charleston against a trooper’s cruiser, telling police he had shot another Charleston man, Eric Baker, during a fight.

Officials say Baker was taken to North Country Hospital by his wife with a gunshot wound to the hip.  Sykes was also treated for injuries to his face and hand from the fight and from the crowd that went to Baker’s aid.

Sykes is being held on $25,000 bail at the Northern State Correctional Facility on a charge of aggravated assault. 
This is in gun friendly Vermont where according to the gun-rights folks this kind of thing just doesn't happen.

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  1. Come on Mike, let’s be honest about what each other says. No one says it never happens- they say it happens less often than in other states. Just like you don’t say gun violence never happens in the UK, right?

  2. We've shown you that gun violence in Vermont is rare. You're singularly incapable of understanding what rare means, but that's not our fault.

    By the way, what's with Border Patrol agents being brought in for this?

    1. Border Patrol was probably bored and just assisting. It's not uncommon for a federal agency to offer backup in rural areas. Since the State Police were called, I'd suspect BP and SP were probably working together on something else.

    2. Protecting us from those dangerous Canucks, eh?

    3. Somebody's got to, can't let them go spreading the squeaky cheese around here.