Saturday, November 3, 2012

California Cop Shoots Himself During Training

Local news reports
An officer suffered a minor injury Tuesday after shooting himself in the leg during an accident at the Fullerton Police Department's shooting range, authorities said. The officer was undergoing the department's monthly qualifications at the range in the basement of the Fullerton Police Department when his weapon "accidently discharged," Sgt. Jeff Stuart said.

The officer suffered a "minor injury to the right leg," Stuart said, and was taken to a hospital as a precaution. The officer was expected to be released Tuesday night.

"He was alert and talking and obviously somewhat embarrassed about the whole thing," Stuart said.

"When his weapon accidentally discharged," did you get that? It was the gun's fault. This is how the so-called liberal press conspires with gun owners to downplay the individual responsibility of negligent discharges.

It would be naive to assume that people who do this kind of thing are making their first negligent action ever.  No, the incidents that come to the public attention are usually not the first. Unless people who do this kind of thing are disarmed, these incidents will not be their last.

One strike you're out is the proper response to negligent discharges.

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  1. Wait, aren't shooting ranges supposed to be havens of gun safety? Why, then, have there been at least 32 incidents at gun ranges reported so far this year?

    1. Thirty-two incidents--if we believe you, but we don't--across around 20,000 ranges. Well hell, I guess it's safer to be in a gun control paradise like D.C. or Chicago.

    2. So there were 32 injuries/deaths over the course of ten months at places that encourage people to bring and shoot firearms, how many injuries/deaths occurred in the same ten months at places that prohibit firearms from even being carried?

    3. That would be 32 that we KNOW ABOUT. There are always more.

    4. Evidence, Mikeb, evidence. You can claim all manner of nonsense, but facts are necessary in rational conversation.