Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Humorous Paranoia of the Gun-Rights Folks

An op-ed by Warren Thomas in the Daily Republic.
What Democrats usually ignore is the deviousness with which President Obama, a consistent anti-gun advocate, plans to assault our Second Amendment rights.

By winning re-election Obama will have the freedom to bypass Congress without that nagging problem of being responsible to American voters. He can simply impose restrictive executive firearms orders.

Historically, at least two things immediately occur whenever legitimate governments fall to despots — guns are confiscated and voting is eliminated. We yet have a few days to prevent that from happening, but only a few days.
We often hear this kind of nonsense, but I'm wondering, how can a democratically conducted presidential election ever be confused with a "legitimate government falling to despots?"

Are the gun-rights folks so infantile that when they disagree with someone's politics they resort to calling them names?  

Another oddity in their continual bashing of the possibility of gun confiscations is this.  Did England and Australia become tyrannical?  Did they do away with voting? Have they begun to round up their undesirables into concentration camps? 

No, of course not.  So, even if the unthinkable happens in the US and the 2nd Amendment is abolished or eliminated, and all the guns are rounded up and destroyed, tyranny would not follow. The Republic would endure. Only the ego maniacal gun-rights fanatics think it all depends on them.

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  1. Give Britian time. It has cameras all over, and if the government suspects you of being a terrorist, you're SOL. Of course, if you're Alex DeLarge, life is good, and the country is open for business.

  2. Mike B, don't forget Adolf Hitler was initially elected into office. A more modern example would be Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a despot if there ever was one.

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  4. Paranoid? Humorous Paranoia?
    I was never paranoid until I went to the mall. I looked on the store directory and there it was.... an arrow pointing to my exact location. They knew where I was at that exact moment because the arrow pointed to the words YOU ARE HERE!
    Spooky, if you ask me.
    Happy Halloween ya'll.

    orlin sellers

  5. MikeB wrote, "Are the gun-rights folks so infantile that when they disagree with someone's politics they resort to calling them names?"

    You mean like yourself, Laci, Dog Gone, and JadeGold?

    1. You guys have the patent on that one, we're amateurs.

    2. Has Democommie ever written anything that could be read on the radio? He tried once, but fell to cursing again by the end. Have Dog Gone or Laci ever written anything that didn't disparage those who disagree with them? When has Jadegold ever written something without resorting to baby talk? And then there's you, Mikeb. I still remember your words in a message to me.

      I've tried to be respectful with all of you, but that was before I realized that I'd get no respect in return. Nevertheless, I still use facts and logic in my comments and resort to only the occasional jibe.

    3. I see DG and Mikeb are over at Democratic Underground and they aren't real popular or respected there either.

      orlin sellers