Friday, November 2, 2012

More on the Indianapolis Shooting

Mail online reports on this story which broke the other day.
A 14-year-old Indianapolis boy was accidentally gunned down when two older friends tried to scare him as a prank, and one of them ended up shooting the teen in the neck with an assault rifle. 

Police say Nicholas King died at the scene of the shooting Tuesday night on the city's southeast side. 

According to detectives, 18-year-old Kevin Edwards brought a rifle into a home and was allowing his 15-year-old step-brother to handle the weapon when King knocked on the door in the 5800 block of La Fleur Street about 8pm. 

Witnesses say the two ran to the door hoping to spook King, and the 15-year-old pointed the weapon at the teen and pulled the trigger.  King, a freshman at Franklin Central High School, was pronounced dead at the scene despite paramedics’ efforts to save him. 

Edwards told police that he had obtained the Romarm 7.62 assault-style rifle on Craigslist, even though the site has a policy that prohibits the sale of firearms. The teens told investigators they did not know the gun was loaded. Police are now trying to determine where the boy's parents were at the time of the shooting.
Shame on the parents for not supervising their teenage boys better than that. Shame on Craigslist for selling guns to kids. Shame on the gun-rights fanatics who keep saying accidental gun deaths are so few we don't have to worry about them.

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  1. Craig's List does have a policy of not permitting the sale of any weapons on its site, so either this was a violation or the teenager is lying. (The latter would be such a shock.) By the way, I'll wait for Dog Gone to smack you for using an article from the Daily Mail. She's mocked that site and its readers many times before.

    And yes, six hundred accidental shootings in a year, while sad, is not large enough to justify all the infringements that you want.

  2. i miss you soooo much nicholas albert king

  3. Nicholas King was my brother. And the younger boy, the one who actually pulled the trigger, was his best friend, and was part of my family. The older one, as far as I'm concerned, can rot in jail, because he shouldn't have bought the gun and he shouldn't have convinced his younger, impressionable brother to hold the gun up to Nick's neck and pull the trigger. A gun is not a toy.