Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paul Ryan's Sick Hunting Behavior

Emily Miller writing for the Washington Times
Mr. Ryan also likes to challenge himself by shooting with his revolver. “He likes hunting with a handgun,” Mr. Olcott said of his brother-in-law.  “He’ll carry his .357 in the stand -- in a holster -- and wait for a deer comes in range for a handgun, which is more like bow range, 30 yards or closer,” said Mr. Olcott. “He’s shot a lot of deer with his handgun. He really likes that.” 
Did you get that? They're talking about the "challenge" of sitting in a tree stand and waiting for a deer to come into handgun range. Now, to me that's sick behavior.

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  1. 1. Hunting is a part of human nature.

    2. Tradition, by itself, doesn't make hunting right, but predation is a fact of the natural world. Some species hunt, while some other species are hunted. Of course, there's also the scavenger option.

    3. Since the wolves and other top predators are largely gone, humans have to control deer populations. If we don't, their numbers will balloon and crash repeatedly.

  2. Mike - from a potential accidental shooting point of view, Mr. Ryan is much less likely to shoot someone else with his handgun at short range vs. a high powered rifle shot at several hundred yards.