Friday, November 2, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Maryland Teen during Halloween Spook Walk - Shooter not Arrested

Local news reports 
Police here are investigating what appears to be an accidental shooting Friday night at a longtime Halloween happening that benefits the Rock Hall Volunteer Fire Company. 

A 16-year-old Chestertown boy was struck in the lower leg while attending the Spook Walk. 

The alleged shooter was someone who was helping with the Spook Walk. “He was using a real shotgun and live ammo as part of the character he was portraying,” Capt. William Dempsey said in a telephone interview Tuesday. 

A 12-gauge shotgun, which Dempsey described as “a hunting weapon,” and other evidence were recovered. Dempsey said the boy was struck by a blast of 7.5 birdshot. He said the shooting did not appear to be malicious.
This was one of your lawful and responsible gun owners who thought it would be a good idea to use a real gun and keep it loaded during this event with the local kids.

The overly defensive and fanatical gun rights folks recently argued that most gun accidents only harm the gun owner.  They also resist any suggestion that gun owners need to be better qualified to exercise their gun rights. The result is an increase in death and suffering. The gain, convenience for them.

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  1. Unlike the (current) situation which exists in adjacent States, Maryland prohibits the carry of firearms in public by persons who are not licensed to carry a firearm (if the firearm is loaded it is a felony). Presumably the assailant in question was not licensed to carry a firearm as the Maryland State police (who are charged with the issuance of licences) fortunately do not frequently issue them to the common citizen.

    1. What difference does it make whether this man was licensed or not? Presumably people don't get a license to carry a shotgun in public. The man was stupid and dangerous as far too many law abiding gun owners are. The incidents are adding up every day.

    2. Finally someone realized the fundamental flaw behind the State "licencing" mere citizens to carry "own" or possess deadly small arms. Such is a breach of the duty of the State to protect it's subjects, and ensure the constitutional right to civilian disarmament.

    3. E.N., stop being an ass. There is no Constitutional right to civilian disarmament. You can't find that language anywhere in the text. The exact opposite language is enumerated in the Second Amendment.

      Joan, this is yet another example of the failure of the gun control measures that you and your Brady Bunch comrades push. Maryland has the kind of silly laws that you want. It doesn't work. What's next? Will you be honest and admit that you want to disarm everyone?