Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Right to Hunt and Fish

Salon reports

In four states this November, voters will decide whether to institute a constitutional amendment ensuring the “right to hunt and fish.” These measures are being pushed by the National Rifle Association primarily as a way of preemptively protecting hunters and gun owners from “radical” animal rights groups.

To most people, these amendments probably sound like a solution without a problem. But the NRA has been warning voters and state legislators that “radical” animal rights groups could come for their guns and traps any day now. As the NRA’s legislative arm, the NRA-ILA, wrote on its blog, it’s working to “protect the citizens’ hunting heritage from attacks initiated by well-funded anti-hunting extremists who have assailed sportsmen throughout the country in recent years.”

The main “extremists” the NRA-ILA refers to are PETA and the Humane Society of the United States (unrelated to the organization that runs local animal shelters but often attacked as radical for pushing for things such as crackdowns on puppy mills). But HSUS says it has no plans to go after hunting and fishing rights, and it called the Kentucky amendment “inconsequential and merely window dressing.”
Aren't those the same scare tactics they use for gun rights in general? Yes, that's what the NRA is all about.  And the insecure and frightened gun-rights activists love it.  It plays right into their damaged psyches.

People who own guns are often motivated by the supposed empowerment they provide. The ones who find this most attractive are those who lack power in the first place. Of course this is all in their minds.  Usually it's an imaginary lacking, an underlying fear which in their fantasy life is made complete with a gun.

Hunting is worse.  it combines all the psychoses involved in gun ownership itself with the actual killing of animals. That's just sick.  People who get off on killing animals have mental problems, in my opinion.

Now, none of this translates into banning guns or outlawing hunting.  That's just hysterical exaggeration on the part of the gun owners and hunters. Gun control is about ensuring that folks who do decide to own guns, for whatever reason, are qualified to do so.

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  1. Ridiculous fearmongering. No one is calling an end to hunting or trying to get anyone's hunting rifles. Typical NRA fear propaganda.

    1. Baldr: “No one is calling an end to hunting or trying to get anyone's hunting rifles.”

      …unless it is semi-automatic.

  2. Baldr Odinson:

    Oh, yeah? Well, y'know lots of people already try to prevent people from hunting. I see these signs, "No Trespassing", "Posted: No hunting" on fence posts and treees all over those selfish bastards properties. Like it's more important for them and their frickin' cows to be safe than it is for GORBACHEVS* to get their fill of blamblambloodshed. So, there!!

    I also see that a lot of fellers make sure that they exercise their 2nd Sacramendment FREEEEEEEEEEDUMBS by shootin' said signs fullaholes!!

    * Good Ol' Red Blooded AmurKKKin Chaps Huntin' Every Venison Species **

    ** Cows are venison if you gotta gun and they're in front of it.

  3. Mikeb, why should I believe you? Look at your article and at the two comments already posted. The three of you display nothing but contempt and rage against hunters and gun owners, but you then expect us to believe that you only want to make sure that we're qualified? In your own writing, Mikeb, you've made it clear about that you don't see us as qualified. You call us delusional and psychotic, but then claim that you don't want to ban our guns.

    1. Don't believe me, Greg. I couldn't care less. But, you sound paranoid expressing this idea. Did you think of that?

    2. Mikeb, read your own article. You called gun owners insecure psychotics. But then you tell us that you don't want to take away guns. Are you lying, or are you a fool?

  4. Greg Camp once again demonstrates his two outstanding virtues; a lack of reading comprehension and being a fucking liar.

    Do you understand satire, irony, parody or sarcasm you unthinking lump of shit?

    1. Demojackoff, any time you're ready to prove me a liar, feel free. Until then, keep talking. Your approach is such a good way to convince people who disagree with you.

    2. Campy must not be a country boy.

      We don't go outside this time of year without wearing a bright color, preferably intensely hot pink, highlighter yellow, or blaze orange, even if it is to tell hunters to get off our land.

      Everyone I know, with pets or livestock, has problems with hunters who don't know or care much about what they are shooting at, or how safe their hunting practices are. It is not unusual for there to be problems with hunters, and their ammo ending up in the sides of houses.

      So, no, as a group, we don't particularly see you as qualified - and I live in a state that does have a constitutional amendment for hunting, which was stupid. No one was trying to stop people from hunting. Rather, we recognize that we need hunting to manage our deer, geese and other species.

      But by no means are all hunters equally safe, or qualified.

      The things you have written here Campy show your own judgment and safety practices are questionable at best.

      So, no, you don't impress us even a little bit.

    3. Dog Gone, I don't have to impress you. You're the one wanting to make major changes in America's gun culture. You have to impress us, and you're failing to do so.