Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This Week in Responsible Gun Ownership

 From Jesus' General via democommie

The days leading up to and including the first week of 2013, once again, demonstrated America's well-regulated militia's commitment to responsible gun ownership. Here's a partial list of  incidents occurring over the last ten days or so:
  • Patriot stands his ground against his own scary-looking arm, shoots it, then applies beer as analgesic to sooth the pain of his bicep's treachery.
  • A patriotically liquored-up birthday boy shoots buzzkilling busy-body who attempts to infringe on god-given right to grope random women.


  1. I didn't know Jesus likes Czech guns. That makes me like him better.

  2. So why douse the FBI and BJS show the higher gun sales go, the lower crime goes? I was able to show you a drop in crime. Why can't you show ONE gun law that did the same?