Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poor Turnout at Phoenix Pro-Gun Rally

ABC reports with a video in which you'll see the usual disproportionate number of fat white men.
Hundreds of 2nd Amendment supporters rallied for their rights to own pistols, shotguns and rifles. And they weren't afraid to show them off.

It was a warning to government in Washington to keep all hands off of their guns.

After the numerous and tragic mass shootings, new gun control laws are being proposed.

Gun owners here said they don't need them.
"The problem is, when a crazy person goes to get a gun, it's way too late,” said Jacqueline Janes. “They've already gone crazy. They've already got a plan. What we need to do is take it all the way to the mental care."
Shouldn't there have been thousands or tens-of-thousands. The weather is fine, the number of gun owners is high. Why only hundreds? What kind of message is that for the President?

I loved that bumbling attempt to repeat Wayne La Pierre's ridiculous pitch. The problem is the crazy person who goes and gets a gun, when put like that, sounds more like an argument for our side.

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  1. They really don't need to rally they were the first state, to introduce the gun rights protection act. If any thing was more of just like a 'Hey if you got the day off, join us' type thing a lot of people in Arizona open carry guns on a day to day bases.

  2. Arizona's a safe state for gun rights. There's nothing to protest on the state level.