Friday, April 19, 2013

Illinois House Defeats Lless Restrictive Concealed Carry Bill

The Chicago Tribune

The Illinois House tonight defeated a concealed weapons proposal favored by gun rights advocates, a setback that could spur negotiations toward finding common ground with lawmakers who back gun control.

The legislation represented a signature showdown in the critical gun debate that is in the spotlight this spring because a federal appeals court has set an early June deadline for Illinois to put in place a concealed weapons law.

Under the proposal, guns could have been carried on mass transit buses and trains but banned from taverns, schools, casinos, stadiums, child-care facilities, universities and government buildings, including courthouses, legislative offices and the state Capitol.


  1. All the good legislators of Illinois have to do is run out the clock. If nothing gets passed by the deadline, the state goes Constitutional carry. I would love to see the look on the faces of the corrupt politicians if that happened.

    1. Issuing the petty citizen with any form of entitlement to possess, proliferate, or use any form of weapon on an individual basis, is a conflict of interests by the State. Any system, however barbaric and vulgar, is preferable to the promiscuous licensing of commoners. Therefore "constitutional carry" is preferable to a "shall issue" or many "may issue" systems which are currently mandated.

      As anyone carrying a firearm (whether open or concealed) on the streets of Illinois would violate 18 USC § 922(q)(2)(A), and therefore would commit a Felony punishable up to five years in Federal prison. As FOID cards do not specifically authorize holders of such to carry firearms (FOID cards specifically state on the card in bold red print "This does not authorize the carrying of a concealed weapon").

    2. Um, the law that you cited refers to returning firearms to their owners after repair and the like.

    3. I know that this may be a bit much to ask from a lower primate, but is it possible that you could learn (or be trained) to use a keyboard correctly? Chimpanzees have learned to type words to communicate with their trainers, operate a specialized mouse, and read (with some apparent comprehension) the words on a screen.

      Apparently, you fall short of even the standards set by a chimp, as you where unable to copy my reference, enter into a search engine (preferably one from which we can monitor your activity), and find that I was clearly citing from the Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990.

      You fail.

      No banana for you.

    4. Actually, E.N., you fail. You gave a vague citation that could apply to many different laws. You also fail because residents of a state that are licensed by that state to carry are exempt from the law that you named. In Illinois, if nothing gets done by the legislature, the FOID appears likely to become a de facto carry license.

      But unless you're admitting to being Laci, why are you going on about our laws? I thought you opposed any law that allows gun ownership in the first place.

  2. This is a good thing. The Chicago-area Democrat anti-gun fanatics blew their best chance--that bill gave them so many concessions that as a gun rights advocate, I hated it.

    Theirs is the side desperate for a new law, because if there is not one by June 10, Illinois simply defaults to Constitutional carry.

    Can you imagine the "But think of the children!!!" wailing and gnashing of teeth if that were to happen?

    I sure can, and it puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

  3. My guess is that the state legislature will likely drag their feet until either the last possible moment, or actually blow the judicial deadline. Both options result in a bad outcome, resulting in either a bad law or, well no one really knows. There has been debate over what happens if the deadline runs out with no law in place.
    Some have suggested that constitutional carry would be permitted, though anyone trying is asking for trouble.