Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oregon 9-Year-old Dead Because of Gross Negligence and Stupidity - No Charges

Portland Tribune reports by: SUBMITTED - Shayla May Shonneker

An accidental shooting took the life of a 9-year-old Oregon City girl on Sunday afternoon. 

Oregon City police said Shayla May Shonneker was in the backyard of her house at 2012 12th St. at about 5 p.m. on April 14 when a handgun her mother’s boyfriend, 32-year-old Joseph Wolters, was handling inside the house accidentally fired through the wall, striking Shayla in the head.

According to police, Wolters had recently been hired as an armed security guard for an armored transport company. The handgun apparently fired as Wolters was practicing holstering and unholstering his gun inside the home, in preparation for qualifying with the handgun for his new job. 

Police said Wolters, a member of the military reserve, is a decorated Iraq war veteran.

And he should be in jail too. He could add that to his CV.

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  1. Bullets can pass through walls and kill--things like hammers, baseball bats, knives, and swords don't.

    1. Under your own pseudonym again? You haven't spent much time looking at how buildings are constructed these days, I take it.

    2. With all due respect to Laci, it is irresponsible to entice the common subject to take up arms in any form.

      It is quite common to bring harm onto oneself through the improper handling of an edged weapon or blunt instrument. It is a bad idea to enable the chattel of the State to cause harm to themselves, and therefore diminish their value to the State.

  2. The jackass was practicing with a loaded gun in a populated area without backstops. He was wrong and should go to prison. I say that because he was careless and his carelessness killed someone. I don't care if it was a firearm, car, or garden rake.

    It is good to practice whatever you like to do -- whether it is badminton or shooting. So if you are going to practice your shooting sport, do it in the right place and do it the right way. If you want to practice with a loaded firearm, do it in a safe location where there are proper backstops and no other people. Or triple check that your chamber and magazines are both empty (cycle your action multiple times to be absolutely certain) and then practice drawing and reholstering to your heart's content.

  3. Ah, Laci is back. You didn’t get a chance to answer my question from a few weeks ago, so I’ll ask again while you are here:

    Under your interpretation of the Second Amendment, please explain why the Miller decision examined the gun Miller possessed and determined that a sawed-off shotgun is not suitable for militia purposes, instead of examining the man (Miller) and determining that he has no right to keep and bear any arms because he was not actively involved in a militia. Why would the gun matter under your interpretation? It shouldn’t matter if it was a sawed-off shotgun, a full length shotgun, a machine gun suitable for militia purposes, or a musket suitable for militia purposes in the 18th century- Miller had no right to keep and bear any arms because he was a part of the “people” and not part of the “militia”. That is what you say, but it is not consistent with Miller. So what would the decision have been if the gun Miller possessed had been determined by the courts to be suitable for militia purposes? The decision infers that it would be protected for individuals to keep and bear, yes?