Friday, July 5, 2013

Chris Matthews with Joe Manchin


  1. The love affair between Chris Matthews and Chris Matthews is one of the most enduring in history.

    Joe Manchin is a traitor. West Virginia should replace him with a real supporter of gun rights.

  2. I'm still yet to see a sponsor or advocate of M-T talk about the criminal penalties it creates. He talks about not selling to strangers, and how that is "common sense" to him. But he doesn't mention that he thinks it is "common sense" to throw someone who does in prison with a life ruining federal felony charge. Why can't he say it if it is such "common sense"?

    More important then that, he actually misstates his own bill. The criminal penalties don't come in because the buyer is a stranger- they come in if ANY advertisement happens in a publication. And when they keep saying "online" they mislead the public into believing it doesn't cover old-school Shotgun News ads, or local paper ads. People could end up in jail because of their lying. If you advertise, and your best bud ends up buying- go directly to jail, don't pass "Go". Even if you never advertised, but your bud once expressed interest on a gun forum about buying a gun- go directly to jail, do not pass "Go".