Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alabama Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Himself By Accident

Southern Beale

Alabama concealed-carry holder accidentally shoots himself in the leg while at the Sonic drive-thru:

A man was transported to the hospital after his gun accidently fired in the Sonic drive-thru and wounded him Tuesday night.
According to officials, Alexander City Police and Fire departments responded to a call at 8:52 p.m. Tuesday about a gunshot at Sonic, located at 174 Broad Street.
A 22-year-old white male, whose identity is being withheld, was wounded when his pistol fired accidently.
“He was in a car there in the drive-thru, and he was moving the pistol from the side door pocket to the glove box, and it went off and accidentally shot him in the thigh,” said Capt. Tommy Lovett with the Alexander City Police Department.


  1. Replies
    1. This is an example of what some concealed carry permit holders are capable of. When no one dies and when the only one injured is the bumbling permit holder himself, these incidents are practically overlooked. They certainly aren't counted in all those bizarre surveys that say permit holders are more law-abiding than regular folks. Imagine if we could count all the incidents of misuse committed by these supposedly superior characters.

    2. And the next time (and there will be another idiot mistake by this idiot) it will hurt, or kill an innocent person.