Friday, October 17, 2014

Quote of the Day

Last time, we had someone saying that "We the People" came from the Declaration of Independence.

Once again, the Kroger Facebook page provides a pearl of ignorance:

I'm not sure if this person is saying that all gun owners are stupid or that he is disagreeing with the proposition that all gun owners are stupid.

But, given the grammar and spelling, I'll go with he is saying that all gun owners are stupid.

And he has more than made his point.


  1. You can't tell what he's trying to say? And yet you claim to be able to understand court precedents and the various primary sources you cite?

    No wonder you butcher the law so badly.

  2. So, he's claiming that gun owners are stupid while seemingly being incapable of spelling. And that proves his point? A stupid antigun type proves that gun owners are stupid by using their stupidity as an example. That sounds.....stupid.

  3. I never used to think all gun owners are stupid, but after reading this blog I'm beginning to wonder. I have to keep telling myself that most people are brighter than the brightest gun loon that comments here, including my 6 year old relative.