Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best Scenes from the Godfather and Godfather Part II

Just these two scenes, the first and the last, would be enough to consider these two movies among the greatest ever made. But what comes in between, the hundreds of memorable lines, the dozens of poignant moments, the actors who have become as familiar to us as our own relatives, places these two on most top ten lists.

Which are your favorite movies? What are your favorite moments in the Godfather movies? And let's not forget the late great John Cazale, whom I wrote about before.


  1. As I walked away from talking Italian and American politics to these two PD political party guys outside the centro storico PD office on Sunday evening, a Godfather quote came to me.

    I thought to myself I am able to criticize American leaders like Obama, McCain, and point out the abuses of power and money at my work because I am not controlled by anyone who is pulling the strings.

  2. My Favorite Scenes in the Godfather is Lucca being Double-Crossed, and the Scene where Michael Kills Barzini.

    As for my favorite movie, I'd have to say it goes to another crime film. Leon (AKA: The Profesonal in the US) I love hitman films, and this one is hands-down the best with some of the greatest charactor interactions out there!