Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8-Year-Old Gives Video Account of Shooting

CNN reports on the release of a video-taped interview with the 8-year-old shooter we talked about the other day. As a follow-up to the initial story which came out at the time of the shooting, this one does allow for some speculation as to exactly what happened.

He said he was about two houses down from his home when he saw a white car "driving pretty fast" in front of his house. Then, he said, he saw Romans lying on the ground. The boy said he ran over to Romans, then ran inside the house calling for his father.

"I said, 'Dad, Dad,' " the boy said. "And then I went upstairs, and then I saw him, and there was blood all over his face, and I think I touched it ... and I didn't hear anything, and I just saw blood and I cried for about 30 minutes, just crying right next to him." Video Watch police interrogate the boy »

On there's a clear interpretation of these facts: the boy just didn't do it.

An Phoenix boy is shown on video telling authorities how he "discovered" the men lying in his home the day of the killings.

Well, I certainly hope Mom is right about that. It would mean a lot to me to know that this 8-year-old didn't do any such thing. In that case we can talk about those arresting officers and some of the comments they reportedly made.

What do you think? Is it possible for a little kid to have done this? In today's report we learn that it was a .22 handgun not a rifle like we'd heard initially, making it even more unlikely that he did it. At least that's my take on it. What do you think? Are the cops so anxious to explain away these crimes that they'd wrongly blame a kid?


  1. a .22 handgun can be pleanty deadly, just ask Ron Reagan or Bobby Kennedy. Reagan was nearly killed with a .22 revolver, Bobby was done in by a .22 revolver.

    I'll need to look at the videos when I get home, and I'll comment on that then.

  2. ok, i can't watch the videos at the moment, so i'm going by the commentary, which might be off. with that caveat:

    interrogating a minor child without either a lawyer or a guardian present is just fucking sleazy, of any police department. bad enough to do something like that to an adult, but an eight-year-old? no matter what went down in that in that interrogation, those cops shot their own credibility to me as soon as they started that way.

    and why are we still letting cops lie to suspects during interrogations, anyway? that should be the "poisoned tree" right there, i think. the very knowledge that they can legally do that is enough to get me to lawyer up before giving a police officer so much as the time of day.

  3. Watching the videos now. I'm starting to think he didn't do it. The start of his story is probably the truth....the 2nd story I'm guessing is fabricated because the first story obviously didn't get him out of the interrogation room. Remember, at that age, and hour of talking about scary stuff is FOREVER.

    The constant repetition of "The Gun Went off" was first introduced by the police, and repeated by the boy. And we ALL know guns don't "Just go off" and it sounds like from the news story the .22 in question is the boy's hunting rifle, so obviously he'd know how to shoot as well.

    I'm with Nomen, the Police are lower than whale-shit on this one.

  4. I guess a .22 pistol or .22 rifle doesn't make much difference. They said no signs of abuse, but remember in the first report the mother and step-mother refused to come get him. And whatever really happened, that cop who said it was methodical and pre-meditated should be ashamed of himself. He's talking about a 3rd grader.

  5. Well realistically it does make quite a bit of a difference having an extra 10-20 inches of barrel, but my point is even a .22 derringer can kill.

    Hell I saw in a catalog an Old West replica gun that was a cap-and-ball revolver of a small caliber (I can't remember if it was .22 or .32) where the gun was simply loaded with ball and percussion cap...but no black powder! I can't imagine a gun like that being very powerful...but I also would also consider it a deadly weapon if used as such.