Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lillo Brancato Not Guilty of Murder

CNN reports that the Soprano's actor Lillo Brancato was acquitted of the murder of Daniel Enchautegui. In discussing this case before, the vast majority of commenters disagreed with me and felt that Brancato should be found guilty. I'm happy to report the jury agreed with me.

Brancato, 32, was also acquitted of two counts of burglary, but could face three to 15 years in prison on the attempted burglary charge. He has already served three years, according to his attorney, Joseph Tacopina.

Police officer Daniel Enchautegui, 28, was killed trying to break up a burglary attempt at his neighbor's house in the Bronx in December 2005.

Since he's served so much time already, I suppose chances are good that he'll be out soon. An admitted drug addict, Lillo will now have important choices to make in his life. I'm hoping that this incredible fork in the road, this getting out now rather than spending the next 20 years in jail, will motivate him to do the right thing. Rehabilitation surely doesn't come from the penal system, but for a person who wants to change, help is available.

What do you think? What are Lillo's chances? Do you think that a good scare like this can help a person turn their life around?

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  1. 2 grams of smack in a short period of time injecteed IV would reduce his chances of ever comitting another felony.

  2. "What do you think? What are Lillo's chances? Do you think that a good scare like this can help a person turn their life around?"

    That's up to Lillo, and what scares me. Why should we be trusting the moral resolve of somebody who's already shown their moral resolve is close to nothing.

    Of course where he hangs out an armed citizen won't be able to defend themselves from him.

    Still all things considered, I'd say his chances of dying a natural death are close to zero.

  3. I'm rootin' for Lillo. I'm hoping it's not too late.

  4. That would be a happy ending. I'm MORE interested in Robert Downey Jr. to kick his troubles with the nose-candy. He's quite possibly the most talented and enjoyable actor in Hollywood. He's also not had a very good track record at keeping his addiction in check, so as much as I love him, I don't see his future as being very bright.