Friday, January 2, 2009

2 Israelis Shot in Denmark

CNN reports on the arrest of a Lebanese Palestinian man in connection with the shooting of two Israeli men. The incident took place on the Danish Island of Fyn as the two Israelis were working in a shopping mall. The shooter was a Danish citizen.

Our frequent commenter Bob S., has posed some questions.

Police say the suspect has denied attempting to kill the Israelis but acknowledged carrying a gun Wednesday at the mall in the central Danish city of Odense.

Jacobsen says the two Israelis had been selling hair-care products when they were attacked. He says they were hospitalized in stable condition; one man was shot in the arm and one man in the leg.

Now, is this a "gun crime" or a hate crime?

Is the availability of the firearms the predominant factor in this situation or is it the religious factor that is predominant?

Denmark has a high rate of firearm ownership, but low crime rates....doesn't that contradict your 'easy availability of firearms theory?

If my blog ever gets popular, I'm gonna ask Bob to be a guest blogger. Those are exactly the questions I would have asked, perhaps from a different angle, but essentially the same.

What do you think? Hate crime or gun crime? What about his marksmanship? I'm laughing about that, but I'll bet those Israeli boys are thanking their lucky stars of David.

I guess Bob's final question there is going to force me into admitting something which I've never really denied, but which must be said now. It also relates to the Caracas story. Gun availability is not the only factor. I believe it can be a determining one, like in the case of Teah Wimberly, and perhaps in hundreds of Caracas shootings, but in all honesty I must admit there are other factors such as racial hatred and cultural mores.

What's your opinion?


  1. Although I'm not answering your question exactly [Sarah Palin-esque style] I wonder about your opinion of the newly 'imposed' rule that Israel has imposed upon the young men of Gaza today: they may not attend Mosque services Friday.

    Apparently the Israelis are afraid that they will be storing weapons there.

    Naturally the Israelis suffer from OCD.

  2. i gotta consider that a hate crime..

    p.s. happy new year!

  3. can't really say if it was a hate crime without knowing the motive.

    as for the marksmanship, there's a stumper: did he shoot that badly because he wasn't trying to kill (in which case he was a cretin for shooting at all), or is he denying having tried to kill to cover up his shame over the miserable marksmanship?

  4. Mike,

    If gun availability is not the only factor....exactly how will MORE gun control laws stop any violence?

    How admitting that countries with strict gun control laws have as high or higher levels of violence then America?

    How about admitting that culture issues are more of a factor then firearm ownership?

    That we need to address issues such as drug abuse (note not use but abuse), teen pregnancy rates, unemployment, corruption of government and law enforcement before we need more gun control laws?

  5. Mike,

    Related to this is a question I wanted to ask you but forgot yesterday.

    Hamas has been firing hundreds of rockets into Israel, almost on a daily basis. Israelis have died during this attacks.

    Are those rocket attacks a "gun crime" or a "hate crime"?

    What is the difference between Hamas using rockets to kill innocent Israelis and the guy in Denmark using a handgun to kill innocent Israelis?

  6. Mud, I think what we need is a Palestinian Steven Spielberg. That would even things up a bit.

    Bob, I admit to all the things you said. And I say the Hamas missiles are definitely hate crimes not gun crimes. These people hate each other, no question.

  7. Gun possession is not the primary cause of violence; hatred in our hearts is. Did I already say that? And you are right to conclude, Mike, that cultural mores and racial hatred fuel much violence.

    I say we need to teach those Ten Commandments to all the children. "Thou shalt not murder." Teaching those things in our earliest public schools --and the Golden Rule --made America one of the best places to live. Weekly Sunday School.

    I know many gun-owners who are responsible and use them for hunting or keep them for defense--who never run for the gun rack when angry at someone.

    I can appreciate gun-registration --as in the recent movie "jumangi" the board game. The hunter pursuing the Robin williams character runs out of ammo for his antique gun --and finds he has to register and wait to get a new gun and we are relieved --but then the store owner flouts the law and gives the old coot some mega-weapon and the chase is on.

    (this was a movie to see the 2nd time around. First time I didn't like it at all--this time it was a hoot!)