Sunday, March 8, 2009

Star Trek - The Menagerie

Gene Roddenberry wrote a masterpiece entitled The Menagerie. This very early Star Trek episode, which first aired in November 1966 as the only two-part one ever made, shows why the series was destined to become a never-ending success. There are so many great moments in this story, the Tolosian power of illusion, Spock's loyalty to Pike, Bones sticking up for Spock, the fact that Kirk's predecessor, Pike, was so much like him, but nothing is as unforgettable as the Green Orion Slave Girl.

Star Trek XI will be released in May 2009.


  1. I download old StarTrek episodes from iTunes and love the show. In addition to the quality of the shows and the underlying themes on arms control, inter galactic (international) peace, and race relations, another interesting aspect of comparing old Star Trek episodes of the past with modern television shows is the average time the episodes are. For example in 1960s when StarTrek was produced all the shows are at least 50 minutes. If you compare that to a modern show, the time is averaging about 43 minutes. Kind of sad how the quality has gone in addition to the amount of time the show is. Great thing about iTunes is I am further isolated from the capitalist messages of spend and consume.

  2. one of my favorite episodes....

    and i cant wait for the new movie.. i'd go see anything jj abrams does..

  3. Slyde, I just checked out who that JJ Abrams is and learned that he did "Lost," which you're always talking about. I hat to tell you this, but I've never seen it. I guess I'll have to do something about that.