Thursday, April 9, 2009

Olbermann Gets on Obama

Last December, while Bush was still a lame duck, Physio Prof wrote a very humorous piece entitled Open Letter to Keith Olbermann.

Comrade PhysioProf demands that you hold Obama’s feet to the fire with the same critical rigor that you have Bush’s. If you do not, you will establish yourself as nothing but a political hackfuck just as bad as Bill Kristol.

Today I remembered it when I saw this video. (h/t Delaware Liberal)

What's your opinion? Do you think Keith Olbermann is living up to Physio Prof's hopes and expectations? Is Obama slacking off on some of his campaign promises? I've been saying all along it's too soon to judge, but this is making me wonder. What about you?

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  1. You know the Grand Prince had to weigh in with on this piece. As you know by reading my blog, I have used the same political analysis on the Obama administration as I did the previous POTUS. Unlike Keith Olberman, Bill O’Riely, and all the other weapons of mass distraction talking heads, I am a political analyst and do not have to worry about upsetting advertisers or the corporate masters in the corner office.
    I pointed out just 7 days after Obama was in office that he was not an agent of change. In my posting about the two defense lobbyists who were given the second and third most powerful positions in the Pentagon, Obama was not following through on a campaign of change. In that blog posting, I pointed out how the Obama administration is not changing the revolving door of lobbyists in Washington and the cartel inside the military industrial complex.
    Similar posts in the past month have also highlighted the linkages of the financial industry inside the Obama administration and how this is very similar to the energy interests in the Bush administration.
    Hope more people check out what is one of the more interesting and well written blogs on the net about American foreign and domestic politics in addition to some eye opening stories on the corrupt government of Silvio Berlusconi.

  2. Hey Mike,

    There seems to be an assumption out there that just because we voted for Obama, we would approve of everything his administration did.

    I have no doubt that the perspective changes for presidents once they take office, but it's up to us to keep them honest and make sure they not only live up to their promises, but also reflect the wishes of the constituency that elected them.

  3. Beckie, Yes, indeed. I've been an unapologetic supporter of Obama since before Hilary dropped out. Yet, as my friend The Grand Prince keeps telling us, Barack started almost immediately to disappoint. Overall I'm still optimistic. The biggest problem I see, besides the economy which I think is on the mend already, is Afghanistan. This is another area where Il Principe has it right in my opinion. He says it's all about the Military Industrial Complex. I agree.