Monday, May 11, 2009

The Return of Mike Vick

The Miami Herald published an editorial piece by Greg Cote which suggests Mike Vick deserves a clean slate when he returns to pro football. We discussed Vick's criminal fall from grace before, pretty much agreeing that what he was involved in was bad stuff. But can we consider him paid up with society now?

The bigger issue is whether the rest of us can muster anything close to ''genuine forgiveness'' -- or at least begrudgingly admit that the man has paid his debt and deserves a clean slate and a fair chance to resume his life and livelihood.

He does.

By way of comparison, Mr. Cote reminds us that the NFL and other leagues, have examples of "wife and girlfriend beaters, unlicensed gun-toters, chronic drunk drivers and players who have made a cottage industry of appearing on police reports."

Ever heard of Leonard Little? The veteran St. Louis Rams defensive end once killed a woman while driving drunk. He was playing in a Super Bowl 16 months later. It was not to be his last DUI episode, either. He's still in the league.

What makes me willing to forgive Mike Vick is the simple fact that as unpleasant as his crime was, it pales in comparison to what some of the other testosterone-driven bullies in his sport get up to. Some of them pay for their misdeeds, some don't. I say Mike Vick has paid.

What's your opinion?


  1. Everyone gets a 2nd chance, huh? Within reason.

  2. Well, even though I've been accused of being soft on criminals, I really don't oppose keeping people locked up who are a danger. I don't think that applies to Vick.