Sunday, June 14, 2009

Glenn Beck on the Holocaust Shooting and More

Some of the salient points were these - do you think they missed a few things?

Lone gunman.

9/11 truthers.

Pressure under which the nutjobs crack.

von Brunn is a leftist.

Rev. Wright said, "Them Jews," but that is in no way to implicate Obama in this.

America today is like Germany in the 1930s, the people are in denial.

Here's a link to the very recent interview conducted by John Stossel. Glenn speaks about his popularity, his work ethic, the suicide of his mother and his alcoholism. He even did his trademark tearing up for Stossel, who pulled no punches in asking about its sincerity. Beck said he should be paid a lot more than he is if he could cry on cue.

What's your opinion? Do you think Glenn Beck is one of these controversial figures who would do or say anything for the ratings? Do you believe his emotional episodes are real?

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  1. Of course, I would never listen to Glen Beck nor even click on the link you provided.

    What would I learn?

    Of course, nothing.

    Surely, none of those who post to your blog would admit that they actually 'learn' anything from him or Hannity or Rush, would they?

    What cold they 'learn?'

    They have no relevant information, no new ideas, no helpful suggestions to move this nation forward. None. Nothing to add to the discussion.

    They have been most correctly labeled the 'noise machine.' Noise. Rambling. Blather. Nonsense. Fear. Hate. Unrest.

    Who DOES listen to them? Who bothers to tune them in? What kind of person is attracted to that type of message?

    What is missing from that person's life? What inner need to they fill? What longing is sated by being filled with such babble?

    That's the real question. it's not those who blather, blather and rant, but rather the receiver that must be questioned.

    Were there no audience, no group willing to listen to the pap, then the noise machine would be silenced.

    What is missing from the lives of the audience that is oddly satisfied after paying attention to that message?

    I do not know. I cannot identify with such people. Apparently my 'need' is already full. My life is complete enough so that i can make my own judgments, my own decisions about matters of politics and society and governance. I seek no further guidance. I am full. I am a fully-functioning mature adult.

  2. Hello Mikeb,
    This racist nut job lived in Easton, MD where my wife and I worked for many years.

    On my blog I have written a first hand experience my wife overheard in a store with James von Brunn.

    Anything that Glen Beck, or for that matter any of the Blowhard talking heads have to say, is just a sick twist on the truth.

    I have quotes from people who unfortunately interacted with von Brunn on a day to day basis. James von Brunn was a Right Wing Religious Fanatical who was delusional in convincing himself of his own self importance when in truth he was just a non-functional, under achieving, looser who was really angry with himself because he could not succeed in the real world.

  3. FYI:
    I would also like to add, Todd Blodgett, a former aide in Ronald Reagan's White House who had his own interest in the hate groups, got acquainted with von Brunn because they had the same hate of Jews and Blacks in common. Mr. Blodgett recalled going with Mr. Von Brunn to meetings in Virginia of the American Friends of the British National Party.

    Why doesn't Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reily, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News (Fair and Balanced My Ass) bring out the fact that this Right Wing Religious Fanatic, James von Brunn, and the Ronald Regan’s Presidential Aid, Todd Blodgett, use to go to Anti-Semitic / Anti-Black hate group meetings together?

    Yes the presidential aid to Ronald Regan was an Anti-Semitic / Anti-Black member of hate groups along with James von Brunn!!!

  4. Unlike many other talking heads, Beck is the only one to explicitly admit that he is not a journalist.

    My guess is he is a news entertainer, not a news reporter. And he knows and capitalizes on it.

  5. Engineer, Thanks for that "inside" info on von Brunn.

    It's interesting what AztecRed said though, that Beck is the only one who claims not to be a journalist.

  6. Ya' know I used to listen to Beck on CNN. His 'rodeo clown' disclaimer did help. When he had Dog the bounty hunter on, and fawned all over him like a tween at a Hannah Montana gig, I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT!

    I'm glad he moved to Fox where he belongs.

  7. Beck used to be good a few years ago. Then he started getting less objective, less interesting, and more over-the-top and I stopped watching.