Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glenn Beck, Showman

Does anyone else think Glenn Beck is faking when he has these emotional moments? Do actual tears ever come? Do you think the people who watch him, take him seriously or are they just enjoying the outlandishness of his performance? I would watch him if I lived in the States. But, I honestly find it hard to believe people buy into this stuff.

Please leave a comment with your opinion of Glenn Beck. Do pro-gun folks like everything he says because they like what he says about guns? Or is there a certain consistency in what he says; is it natural that the pro-gun sympathizers would agree with him on the other issues?

Please tell us.


  1. I am pro gun, but think that guy should be seeing a shrink. The last time I caught the highlights of his show he was talking about killing Micheal Moore.

    Besides, he and I do not agree on our politics. So it is safe to say I do not watch his show, or listen to him on the radio.

  2. Glenn Beck is like that crazy guy that’s always on the bus or subway who smells like piss and mothballs, with eight layers of clothing on, shit all over his outermost layer of pants, vomit and snot in his beard and swats at invisible fairies flying around his head full of wild, unwashed, unruly hair, bellowing that he has electricity flying off his tongue. You know you shouldn’t watch but you just can’t help it.

  3. I agree with some of what Beck says, but alot of it is also just really freaking nuts.

    That said, I don't take him seriously. He's a pundit and an entertainer NOT a reporter. I wouldn't watch him for newsworthiness anymore than I'd watch some hack like Olbermann on the left expecting to get actual news.

    He's an entertainer, thus it pays to be outrageous and over the top. I mean hell, that's blatantly obvious whether you're watching Beck & O'Reilly or Olbermann & Matthews.

  4. Do you think the people who watch him, take him seriously or are they just enjoying the outlandishness of his performance?

    My grandparents hang on his every word, and they aren't the only ones.

  5. I'm as pro-gun as they come (OK, almost as pro-gun as they come) but to me, Beck makes about as much sense as the singer bearing his name. Which is to say, um, none.

  6. He is not faking. It's sad that in your mind and the minds of your readers that any emotional display equals mental instability.

    Glenn says many things for effect, and he can be kooky, but good grief - he's trying to expose the crap going on in our government.

    YES - thinking, intelligent people DO watch and believe him. I am one of them. I have a college degree, have worked in the public, private and non-profit workplace. I have a very high IQ, I own guns, and I'm a woman.

    And I am sick of people - like some of your readers - who can't intelligently form a chain of thoughts to logically disagree with his stand, but have to call names and attack him personally.

    Grow up and pay attention. Our government is about to start taking away EVERY liberty we have.