Friday, August 28, 2009

Suspect Shoots Police Dog and Policeman

WBNS, Central Ohio's News Leader, reports on the case of a teenager who shot a policeman and a police dog.
A teenager accused of shooting an officer and his police dog was moved Thursday to a different jail.

Dominick Conley, 18, was moved from the Muskingum County Jail in Zanesville to the Washington County Jail in Marietta because of security issues.

Conley, who pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges on Wednesday, was ordered held on a $2 million bond.

I wonder what the "security issues" were. And I wonder if that $2 million bond is so high because he dared to shoot a cop, as opposed to a regular person, or if it's because he also shot the dog. That's pretty cold-blooded.

What's your opinion? Do you think the treatment of cop-killers and cop-shooters is different from regular killers and shooters? Is that a good thing? Could it be an acceptable policy in order to emphasize the respect due law enforcement personnel?

And what about that picture? He's one rough looking 18-year-old.

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  1. In the eyes of the law, shooting a police canine is considered the same as shooting a human cop.

  2. My problem here is that breaking into a house and holding a broken bottle to someone's throat is apparently only a misdemeanor. It isn't as serious as shooting someone, but it isn't a trivial mistake, either. I'm pretty sure that in almost all US jurisdictions, it would justify deadly force in response.

    I don't know if attacking a cop should officially have more severe penalties than attacking someone else, I could go either way. In real life it will go worse, regardless of the law--Greater chance of arrest, greater chance of conviction, and more than likely near the upper end of the sentencing range.

    Shooting the dog isn't as serious as shooting a person.

  3. kaveman, I have to say that sounds a bit wild, shooting the police dog is the same as shooting the cop himself.

    I often think that treating criminals more severely for committing crimes against the police is just another form of the police abusing their power.