Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jon Stewart on the September 12th Protest

As our frequent commenter kaveman pointed out, I'm not as bad as the guy who uses The Onion for his information. I prefer The Daily Show.
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  1. What's really funny is that you are so "tongue in cheek" and sarcastic and 90% of your readers don't get it! They rush off to build their own blog posts based on your blog posts and, what can I say? It's a hoot!!

    Keep it up!!

  2. Great spot!

    As I've said myself sign waving and chanting has been a well-used tool of the left...and has a near 100% fail rate, and the News has a habit of picking out the most whacked-out nut from the crowd for a sound byte.

    As you quoted me, it was nice to see the turnout, and nice to see the noted differences (things like the behavior of the crowd, as well as the state they LEFT DC in )

    But in the end, to quote the Bard: "it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing."

    It doesn't do any damage to the cause, it just doesn't do ANYTHING.

  3. Thanks Anonymous for appreciating that. What some of my blog friends lack in sense of humor they more than make up for in passion and persistence.

    Weer'd thanks for the comment. I realize my taking you out of context in the other post obscured the point you were making. You're cynical that demonstrations like this will accomplish anything.

    But my point was that you and many others support what those protesters were saying. To me, that's unbelievable.

  4. What you believe and find unbelievable I think is well documented here as being irrelevant to reality and the American people.

  5. Hmmm. It seems John Stewart has found some inconsistencies, perhaps hypocrisy, in the conservative commentators?

    Not too surprising. Not unique to either side. Neither is reporting on only aspects of a protest you find admirable (or despicable).

  6. As to being sarcastic 90% of the time ... I've often wondered about that. So you really are just kidding when you talk about gun control having a positive effect on culture/crime/etc?

    OK. Now I get it. LOL. Man ... you had me going there for awhile. Glad to know you don't believe any of that Brady Campaign/Bloomberg crap!

    Email me and I'll show you where to get an NRA icon to put on your page.

  7. Personally we need to do something. I am all for making money. Hell that is why I haven't quit this crappy ass job I have. But we need to do something to get spending and costs under control.

    For the life of me I cannot explain why people are totally against a single payer health system or a public option for those of us who otherwise do without insurance, because we cannot afford it.

    I have always said, even when I had medical insurance that it should be a right not a privilege.

  8. Positive vs. Negative rights John.

    The BOR is a charter of negative rights. Healthcare is NOT a right.

  9. John and Mike W., It sounds to me like the Constitution has it ass backwards. Guns are a right but health care is a privilege. Should be the other way around, if you ask me.

    Maybe this is a good example to highlight the tremendous anachronism which is the pro-gun position when based on the 2nd Amendment. In 18th century America, health care as we know it today did not exist. Through the decades and centuries, health care has grown to be exactly the kind of thing the "framers" would have included as a right, had it existed back then.

    In the same way, we need to modernize our constitutional view of guns.

  10. Guns and health care... MikeB, drop the gun issue while debating insurance, and medical care. They are two different issues.

    I stand behind the statement that insurance should not be a privilege but a right. While insurance is not a "god given" right, we are granted unalienable rights in the Deceleration of Independence. For what it is worth I believe that life and the pursuit of happiness tie in with health care. Without some type of medical insurance, it greatly reduces ones life, and the ability to pursue happiness. As one gets older, or becomes ill, it directly affects these two unalienable rights.

    Besides, the hypocrisy of many so called religious people no longer astounds me. We talk about being good ~insert religion here~, yet we fail to see the need to help our brothers and sisters. I got mine so fuck you, is more the line I see from many people. I'd love to see half these people denouncing a public option or single payer options, try and keep insurance and some standard of living on minimum wage.

    Oh yeah live within your means. Live on $300.00 a week. Lets see how well you do. Get a better job, hard to do when unemployment increases by around half a million a week. Get an education. How to pay for it. Pell grants pay about $5000 a year, the rest of the tab comes from loans. Move to where the jobs are. I like that notion, willing to pay to move these people to where the decent paying jobs are?

    It all comes down to I got mine. Not everyone has been so lucky, or skilled, to be able to pay for insurance. They have not been so lucky as to be able to save a nest egg.

  11. "Through the decades and centuries, health care has grown to be exactly the kind of thing the "framers" would have included as a right, had it existed back then."

    This shows me you don't have even the slightest idea of the ideals this country was founded under.