Friday, October 2, 2009

Those Heel-Draggin' Republicans

Thanks to Phuck Politics for this wonderful video. By the way, some people have complained about comments he's made around here. Just pop over to his site, which is one of the best around, and you'll marvel at the tremendous restraint he's practiced over here. He calls it like he sees it with a sense of humor that I wish I had.

The video made me think of our pro-gun commenters. What Congressman Grayson says about Republicans concerning health reform, I say about the gun enthusiasts concerning gun control. The same tactics are in play, blocking at every step, denying everything, giving in to nothing. Enjoy.


  1. MikeB,

    If I don't think that "reforming health care" is in the best interest of the nation, why shouldn't I try to do my best to block it?

    Where does it say that we have to agree with the other party or the other person and go go along with what they want?

    Where is your compromise on either health care or gun control?

    You keep pushing greater and greater government involvement and laws.

    I want less government involvement and laws....when are you going to stop dragging your heels and start repealing laws?

    It isn't compromise when one side settles for 50% of its agenda and the other side gets none of theirs.

  2. Notice how all he did was talk over other people.

    There's certainly somebody getting in the way of dialog.

  3. His whole argument seems to be that the Republicans are offering no plan.

    Okay, and so what? Why is it Congress's job to provide healthcare?

    I challenge any government healthcare supporter to show me what in the Constitution even gives Congress the legal ability, let alone responsibility to do so. What, a doctor or a germ might cross a state line? Give me a break.

  4. I hate these arguments where both people are so in love with their own voices and opinions that they just talk over each other. What's the point? They close-mindedly only care about their own ideas and won't change anyone's mind.

    The more interesting facts about the whole thing are how different public opinion is from what they're trying to push through...or how non-politicians sitting down have managed to come up with decent solutions to health-care issues...but politicians can't follow them due to contributions from special interest groups.

  5. . . . I say about the gun enthusiasts concerning gun control. The same tactics are in play, blocking at every step, denying everything, giving in to nothing.

    We have so far restrained ourselves to using the soapbox and the ballot box. Aren't you glad your side hasn't yet forced us to resort to the ammo box?

  6. beowulf, You're getting carried away again, "resort to the ammo box," please!

  7. Nope. As I keep telling you, the good news is that we haven't gotten "carried away."

  8. MikeB,

    I propose that we tax all American Ex-pats 110% of their yearly salary.

    We can give all that money to the poor so they can buy firearms to protect themselves.

    Now, are you going to go along with the proposal or fight against it?