Friday, November 27, 2009

Guns are Still Bad News for Women

The Republican American reports on a man who just snapped.

The 53-year-old handicapped man who held police at bay for nearly 10 hours Tuesday after shooting his wife in the thigh is now being held on $500,000 bond on first-degree assault charges.

According to the warrant for his arrest, Lavoie, a native of Thomaston, told his friend Vincent Braucci Jr. during a late afternoon phone conversation Tuesday that he didn't mean to do it. Upset and remorseful, he still maintained his wife of 23 years was having an affair.

The Baltimore Sun reports on a man accused of shooting his girlfriend.

A gunman who surrendered to police in the shooting of his girlfriend in Parkville has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and with using a handgun in a violent crime.

Jeffrey Alan Mewbourn, 46, was being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Mewbourn, who shared an apartment with Joyce Daniels, 44, and her two children on the 1000 block of Halstead Road, is accused of shooting her during a domestic dispute Tuesday. Police say Mewbourn fled while Daniels, injured in the upper body, appealed to a neighbor for help. Daniels was taken by ambulance to Sinai Hospital and is expected to survive.

Florida AP reports on a man who shot and killed his wife outside the courthouse over the divorce settlement and then committed suicide by cop.

The man accused of shooting his wife to death outside a Sarasota County courthouse was troubled by money woes and the end of their 26-year marriage.

Court documents and interviews indicate Alan Provencal had been growing increasingly unstable after a judge awarded about half of the couple's assets to his wife, Carolyn Provencal.

A court hearing had been scheduled for Monday. Moments before, the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office says Alan Provencal shot his wife in a courthouse parking lot near Venice.

North Port Police shot and killed Alan Provencal after he allegedly raised a handgun toward officers.

I honestly don't understand why there was so much resistance to my original post entitled "Guns and Women." The chart which I reprinted came from David Hemenway's wonderful book, Private Guns Public Health. Its obvious message, that high gun states have much higher rates of men committing domestic violence with guns against women, seems indisputable. But let's say someone is very wary of statistics. Let's say we take all statistics with a grain of salt.

Every single day there are stories like the ones indicated above.

What's your opinion? Are guns bad news for women in particular? Is asking the question an insult to women? Or is it perhaps an insult to men?

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  1. Well, they don't have a problem in Little Stempington!

  2. Since men are unfortunately raised to be better fighters than women, most of their victims wouldn't stand a chance either way--remember the mass murder you thought _must_ have been a gun crime, but turned out not to be?

    No one can really tell what the marginal effect of generally reducing the number of guns would be--I suspect that this kind of bastard would be quite likely to retain their weapon, legally or illegally.
    Gun confiscation for _conviction_ of violent certain violent misdemeanors might do it, but "banning" or buybacks probably would not: they don't follow the law anyway, and would not be willing to sell their guns.

    Really, this kind of _man_ is bad news for women, and people in general. It appears that there's been a huge jump in the number of men killing family members since the recession hit. They use guns, knives, or their bare hands because they've become conscienceless animals.
    The guns used existed long before the rash of killings, and are not a new factor. They may exacerbate the effects of the causal agent, but are not it themselves. "Solving" this problem by focusing on guns would be like taking painkillers for a heart attack--all you'd do is temporarily suppress some of the symptoms while the damage continues unabated.

  3. Little Stempington sounds great. I just read about it on Wikipedia.