Thursday, December 24, 2009

The ACLU and Christmas

Liberal Viewer posted this video and posed the following question:

Which seems more in keeping with the Christmas spirit, the ACLU's message of tolerance or those smears and false personal attacks from Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter?

The Thomas Jefferson quotes are the best. I wonder what he would have thought about a biblical justification for bearing arms?


  1. The problem is that one finds Christians are mixing old and new testaments to create an odd and confusing mix of theology. This was made worse by the addition of protestantism where one could pick up the Bible and receive direct revelation.

    The Jews call the Torah the law. And their religion is like the law in that it is highly technical and has its own special vocabulary. One cannot just pick up the Torah and receive divine revelation.

  2. another mash up for the conservatives and their use of christmas to create a sense of outrage at liberal attempts to create an atmostphere of tolerance....
    Hard line conservative Jews in Israel are attacking christmas displays and christians celebrating christmas publically.
    I saw footage of this twice today on different networks.
    So, now O'Reilly and Ann Coulter have their work cut out for them, unless of course, they just want to ignore it...
    They wouldn't want to go around acting like they were dissing Israel?

  3. Micro, That's wonderful. The ACLU and hard-line Israeli Jews both bashing Christmas.

  4. It would be wonderful if the liberals were actually trying to create an atmosphere of tolerance! Unfortunately, history actually shows that liberals are GROSSLY intolerant of anyone's opinion but there own!

    It's not hard to see that...Gun control is the current hot topic.

    Those who believe that the Second Amendment guarantees a right to protect oneself in any manner that the individual sees fit are roundly denounced by those who claim that owning guns is just plain wrong.

    If liberal ACTUALLY were trying to create that tolerant atmosphere, they would embrace anyone who believed the first, while denouncing those who would limit anyones freedom of choice! Instead the exact opposite is true.

    I've not once heard a gun rights advocate say that EVERYONE should bear arms regardless of whether they want to or not.

    Instead, I hear "liberals" loudly proclaiming that NO ONE should own guns!

    It's amazing that the liberals "atmosphere of tolerance" extends only to those causes which they espouse, which to me only reinforces that they are hypocritical.

  5. Anonymous said "Instead, I hear "liberals" loudly proclaiming that NO ONE should own guns!"

    Some might, but not most. I personally think Sevesteen and Sebastian should be able to keep their guns. I don't know about you, though, you sound a little dangerous.