Friday, January 8, 2010

Badger Guns Back in the News

The Milaukee Journal Sentinel published an article about the latest problems facing Badger Gun Shop. We've discussed them before.

Milwaukee County's district attorney and the city's police chief want all documents on violations found by federal investigators at a West Milwaukee gun store, saying the paperwork could contain evidence of criminal activity, according to a letter released Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) sent her own letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives demanding answers about the agency's regulation of the store.

The moves come in reaction to a Journal Sentinel investigation that on Sunday reported federal investigators recommended revoking the license of Badger Outdoors after a 2006 inspection - a rare move that could have closed the store.

But there was no revocation and the store remains open, operating as Badger Guns. Federal records show the license recommended for revocation was relinquished voluntarily, the players inside the operation took on new roles and a new license was issued to the son of a previous owner, creating what one federal official called a "clean slate."

That's just what they do, isn't it? The "players inside the operation" simply change roles and it's business as usual. What I can't understand is how pro-gun folks who are generally letter-of-the-law guys when it comes to other criminals, excuse this behavior and support people like this who give the entire gun owning world a bad name. The folks at Badger Guns, as well as Iknadosian and let's not forget Bull's Eye, make a mockery of the law and hypocritical gun owners who are otherwise law abiding citizens themselves, turn a blind eye. Why?

The changes not only halted the recommended revocation but also erased violations found by federal regulators over 17 years at Badger Outdoors, which at one time was known as Badger Guns and Ammo, according to documents obtained by the newspaper under the Freedom of Information Act. Many details, including the violations themselves, were blacked out by ATF because of a federal law that applies only to gun dealer license paperwork.

This is the result of decades of lobbying and NRA influence which more than anything is responsible for the gun violence in America. I never tire of pointing out the average gun owner's share of this responsibility, but the real criminals are the NRA and gun manufacturers who sponsor the lobbyists who achieve such obviously detrimental laws concerning guns.

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  1. Good Question: why can the "pro-gun" crowd be so law N' Order about other criminals, but when it comes to gun crime be such hypocrites?

    US Gun laws are a joke: 20,000 joke and unenforacble laws are still unenforcable.

    The demonize the agency charged with enforcing the laws: ATF.

    Then they look the other way when they have incidents like this pointed to them.

    I'm Sorry, but they are complicit in the crime since they condone it.


  2. So let me get this straight. There was an inspection in 2006, and the ATF thought about revoking their license, but never did. Also no criminal charges were ever brought up against the owner. Sounds like some rock solid evidence there. Or maybe a witch hunt, it's hard to tell.

    As a gunowner, I believe if they bring solid evidence against the guy, then hell yeah prosecute him. Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law and make him serve out the full sentence. But if they can't do that, then they shouldn't be allowed to harass the guy for the next 4 years.

  3. Wait, NRA lobbying and influence is the primary cause of gun violence in America?

    Are you nuts MikeB?

    The primary cause of violence in America are violent criminals committing violent acts.

  4. Ah, short of absolutely positive evidence that the seller is allowing guns to fall into criminal hands, you are willing to let them carry on? If they can't cathc the seller with a "smoking gun" you will let them get away with it, no matter how many guns are tied to crimes.

    Otherwise, ATF is "harassing" them.

    This is why the gun laws are unenforcable they need to be proven with complete certainty, which is a higher standard than beyond a reasonable doubt.

    P.S. RuffRidr, are you aware that there had been an assassination attempt against T.R. that he survived because of a manuscript of his speech?

  5. Shouldn't Badger under new owners be judged based on what the new owners do? Or should anyone running a gun shop at that location be responsible for all violations ever?

    We need to distinguish between the level of violations--trivial, negligent and willful with appropriate penalties for each. The ATF should not be able to enforce inventory standards stricter than they can manage in their own agency.

  6. Sevesteen asked, "Shouldn't Badger under new owners be judged based on what the new owners do?"

    Not if it's true that the "new owner" is just a shuffling of the license and it's really the same gang of criminals running the business. That's what the article suggests, and it shouldn't be too hard for investigators to determine it.

    You wouldn't condone that kind of thing would you?