Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Delaware Man Stressed over Snow Shoveling

The Washington Post reports on an incident which took place during the snow storm in Delaware.
New Castle County Police said a man pointed a gun at a neighbor who was shoveling snow on Saturday at the Hampton Walk Apartments. A man told police a neighbor came outside while he was shoveling, pointed a gun and threatened to shoot him if he didn't stop shoveling snow onto his car.

A man, 43, was arrested and charged with aggravated menacing.

Does that mean the gun was legally owned? How can a man who is unstable enough to do something like that own a gun in the first place?

I realize there's no practical way we can prevent it. Psychological testing and other measures would be too difficult to do. But does that mean we should continue to make it easier for folks to own guns in the certain knowledge that the unstable types will become proportionately more numerous? What percentage do you think that is anyway?

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