Thursday, April 29, 2010

Concealed Carry Killers

The Violence Prevention Center runs a site called Concealed Carry Killers. It's just what it sounds like, a detailed reckoning of murders committed by known concealed carry permit holders. One problem with the stats is they're much lower than the reality. And that's not to mention the incidents which resulted in something less than death.

Recognizing that the VPC is relying primarily on news reports, the actual numbers are most likely far higher. This tally is updated monthly. Clicking on each category’s tally will link you to vignettes describing the circumstances for each killing, listed by state. The descriptions also include the current, known status of any charges filed against the permit holder as well as noting instances where the perpetrator committed suicide. (Any concealed handgun permit holders who are eventually acquitted of their alleged crimes are not included in the tallies maintained on the site although the facts surrounding the shooting are detailed.)

What's your opinion? Are these relatively low numbers supposed to be offset by all the good that's done by concealed carry guys in crime prevention and crime thwarting? I believe that is the key question, once again, "do guns do more harm than good?" What do you think?

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