Saturday, July 3, 2010

"When Something's Dumb, It's Just Dumb"

That was the response of Black River Falls (WI) Police Chief Don Gilberg to Jackson County (WI) District Attorney Gerald R. Fox's decision not to enforce various gun laws in his county.

DA Fox declared that in light of the recent SCOTUS ruling, his office will
no longer take any cases police might refer that are solely about violations of concealed carry, uncased or loaded weapons in vehicles, guns in public buildings or where alcohol is sold or served. Nor will Fox prosecute the possession of switchblade and other types of easy-opening knives.

I think Fox will soon discover this was not his finest career move.

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  1. Of course, spikes in gun violence do not follow gun-rights rulings, either. Yet that has not stopped gun-control advocates from falsely predicting them, again and again. So they're wrong on the empirical evidence, the normative considerations, and the Constitution. Aside from that, they've got an airtight case.

    ~Robert Nozick