Monday, November 29, 2010

Bad History

American Mercenary's Photo of Founding Fathers
Whenever gunloons attempt to use history to 'prove' their God-given right to own assault weapons and carry them while drinking in bars--prepare for much weirdness.

The so-called American Mercenary brings the weird to new levels.

First, he claims gun control hasn't worked in countries like Japan, the UK, Germany and several other nations.  Of course, the facts don't back him up.  He attempts the strawman of 'Japan has gun control but people still get shot.'  Yes, they do.  Of course, AM neglects to mention a whole lot less get shot but those are just details.  Nevermind the fact that you are only 208 times more likely to be a gun homicide victim in the US as you are in Japan.  Somehow, this proves gun control doesn't work.

AM brings up the fact that in the post-Civil War South--in a period of Jim Crow--blacks weren't permitted to have guns in some jurisdictions.  AM appears to enjoy using the term "ni&&ers" to describe blacks.  As I 've sagely noted before, these gun laws really amounted to nothing since blacks were denied access to virtually all public institutions and rights.  As such, it didn't make a whit of difference, they could have been armed to the teeth and they still would have been oppressed; perhaps, even more so.

Whenever a gunloon provides a quote--it is even money that it is bogus, out of context, or altered to change its meaning.  The Primo Levi quote is no different.  Levi never said it.  Further, Levi abhored the use of weapons.  Since AM apparently saw the movie Defiance recently, he takes the movie version of the Bielski saga as history. In reality, the Bielski partisans fought in conjunction with the Soviet army.

Famous gunloon Don Kates used to claim the Holocaust maight have been prevented if the Jews had armed themselves.  He doesn't say this anymore after various Jewish groups told him such comments were both offensive and untrue.  In point of fact, almost all major Jewish organizations support gun control--in fact the NRA lists many of these major Jewish groups as "enemies."

AM then proceeds to list instances of oppressed peoples--ignoring the fact most of these opposed groups had firearms.  It's odd that he fails to mention Saddam's Iraq where everyone owned guns--even fully automatic weapons.

Devolving into full blown lunacy, AM claims the Gun Control Act was translated from the Germans and enacted by a socialist President.  You really have to be on serious medication to believe this.


  1. AM might find this an interesting read:

    Oh dear, that comes from a pro-gun site.

    And it amazes me that Matthew White's critique of the gun genocide BS isn't more widely publicised:

    "Frankly, this list is a pitifully weak argument against gun control, simply because most of the victims listed here did fight back. In fact, if there's a real lesson to be learned from this roster of oppressions, it's that sometimes a heavily armed and determined opposition is just swept up and crushed -- guns or no guns."

  2. Jade: “First, he claims gun control hasn't worked in countries like Japan, the UK, Germany and several other nations. Of course, the facts don't back him up.”

    So what about this chart proves that gun control works? You “proved” that said countries have low incidents of homicide, but that has never been in dispute. There is no data to suggest that they would have higher rates with lax gun laws, or a change over time that can be statistically linked to enacting gun control.

    Furthermore what your chart does show is that homicide in relation to strict gun laws is all over the board. We have homicide rates with a low of 0.04 and a high of 64.64 with the USA fitting in at 8.95- slightly above the average of 7.86. Mind you that average is not counting Russia and Mexico and using data that is 13 years old. The USA homicide rate has been in the mid-5s for sometime now, so it would be interesting to see if the USA is below average for these select countries using today’s data.

    Another notable from this chart is the following:

    Suicide rate using guns (USA): 7.23
    Total suicide rate (USA): 11.54

    Suicide rate using guns (all): 1.28
    Total suicide rate (all): 11.56

    Kind of fits in with what we have been saying all along, doesn’t it? That people indeed use guns to kill themselves, but giving the absence of guns will turn to anyone of thousands of other means to kill themselves with the same success rate (11.54 to 11.56).

  3. TS are you sure about this one?

    "Suicide rate using guns (all): 1.28
    Total suicide rate (all): 11.56"