Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Victory for the Castle Doctrine Crowd

An incredible travesty of justice took place for the third time in the case of Tigh Croff. The first one was when he was allowed to be free on bail.  The second was when the charges were reduced from second degree murder to manslaughter and the third was when the judge sentenced Tigh to probation.

This man is a vigilante murderer.  I don't care if his house had been broken into a hundred times or how frustrated he was. Only the sickest extremists could possibly condone this.

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  1. Mike-

    Why don't you actually tell the whole story?


  2. The whole story is that this guy is a vigilante murderer. Did I miss something? Did the fact that he lives in a shit hole of a neighborhood and had been robbed in the past change that?

    Why don't you tell us the whole story?