Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warrant Issued for Mom in Wash. School Shooting

Saying that she left firearms unsecured around her house, authorities issued an arrest warrant Monday for the mother of the 9-year-old Washington boy who is accused of bringing to school a gun that accidentally fired — seriously wounding a third-grade classmate.
The mom and boyfriend were prohibited people who had guns anyway and kept them very accessible. They should be charged, but so should all those lawful gun owners who do the same thing.

Safe storage laws would prevent many of these sad stories.

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  1. Safe storage laws would change nothing here. You said that this mother was a prohibited person. But she had a gun anyway. What makes you think that she'd follow yet another law?

    1. You're right. Safe storage laws would only save the kids of lawful gun owners who would obey the law. Why would you oppose that?

    2. Given the hundreds of millions of guns in this country and the low rate of child shootings, I'd say that we already do what is needed.