Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heartbreaking Testimony of a Family Member

Gun rights folks love to disparage this kind of information. They accuse us of "dancing in the blood of the victims." The truth is they can't face the fact that they are responsible. In supporting lax and non-existent gun control laws which make these incidents possible, gun-rights advocates know they are partly responsible. They are the one's dripping in blood.

Another trick they use is to pretend that the hard numbers of gun violence victims is the entire extent of the problem.  This heart-rending makes it clear that the damage extends far beyond that.


  1. Mikeb, I feel for the victims of gun violence, but I shot no one. Blame the person who did wrong, or build a mental health system that actually cares for people with mental illnesses. That's the answer, not stripping us of our rights.

    1. Wanting you and the others to qualify to own guns is not the same as "stripping you of your rights." Stop being melodramatic.

    2. I'm already qualified by virtue of being a citizen without a criminal record. I have also qualified for a carry license from three states. What more do you want? Not that it matters, since we won't give it to you.

    3. Exactly. How many more background checks do I need to pass? ATF, FBI, state police in two states, as well as several county sheriff departments have checked my background and found me fit to own and carry firearms.
      As the lady in the video pointed out the CRIMINAL that shot her sister was in violation of the law just by being in possession of the firearm.

  2. It turns out that the shooting was more complicated. It happened in a mall with gun-free zone signs posted on the doors. The person who killed that woman's sister was shot by an off-duty police officer who was carrying a concealed handgun--permitted even in gun-free zones. So what we see here is that good citizens were disarmed, a thug shot the place up, and he was stopped by another good citizen who was allowed to carry.

    Kinda blows the Brady Bunch narrative to pieces, don't it?