Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The National Gun Violence Epidemic

Mass Shooting in Oak Creek: “You’re talking about Aurora one minute, and the next minute it’s you and your family.”
via Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Solutions to our national gun violence epidemic do exist. Smart laws – like those requiring background checks for every gun purchase and restricting access to assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines – can prevent future gun violence tragedies. When it comes to holding our legislators accountable, we shouldn’t demand anything less.


  1. Typical ghouls using a tragedy to advance their political agenda.

  2. Maybe Pooch can get a cartoon character like Batman to change the laws.
    orlin sellers

  3. Once again, we have calls for laws that will only limit the people who aren't a problem from getting guns. And once again, those proposed laws neglect to take into account the vast number of guns in this country that will become available for the new black market.

    This raises a question: Do you control freaks remember Prohibition?