Friday, April 25, 2014

Regarding Death Threats To American Citizens Excercising Free Speech

Sean Shealy of BundyFest:

Let's try to keep the discussion on BundyFest and ACTUAL threats of violence--not the ones you have in your twisted minds.

That said, I should probably give an explanation to the morons who cannot grasp the difference between seeing the irony of Meleanie Hain being killed by something that this (mistakenly) believed would protect her.  Or is that despite the presence of something which she believed would protect her despite the evidence to the contrary?

The research is out there that shows carrying a gun is more likely to increase the risk of harm to the carrier (which comes from Pennsylvania) and that the presence of a firearm is more likely to lead to harm to the member of the household or close friend than a criminal.

or as the Economist put it Data suggest that guns do in fact kill people.

On the other hand, If she wanted (and the rest of you want) to be fact adverse and you heads start hurting the more evidence is piled against your position--it ain't my problem.  It also ain't my problem that she ended up proving "them anti-gun" types correct.

But, you lot tend to be notoriously fact adverse and believe that ignorance is bliss.

On the other hand, Meleanie showed that it can be deadly.

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  1. I seem to recall a study published that documented that injuries were fewer and less severe when the intended victim fought back, though the name/date/link escapes me. Can anyone else help out? Or am I having multiple neural misfires again?

  2. Open carry is especially problematic. There is no way of knowing what a person (stranger) openly carrying a gun intentions are. And citizens have a right to not trust and defend themselves against a person just walking down the street with a gun, especially if they approach you. Tension level is heightened unecessairly so and then anything can happen.

    1. The mere presence of a firearm isn't a threat.

    2. Depends on who is holding the gun.

    3. Yes, I agree. If he is HOLDING the gun, then he may be a threat. If its holstered and going about his business peacefully then there is no threat.