Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Not About Self-Defense--It's About Posing

We've all seen it.

The 400-lb tub o'goo wearing the "CrossFit" tee shirt.  Or the 98-lb walking acne farm rocking the "US Olympic Sex Team" tee.

Open carry is no different.  It's a way for society's losers to self-proclaim they deserve your fear, awe, and respect because they were man enough to shell out a couple hundred bucks and lug a gun around town.

It ain't about self-defense.

A Gresham, Oregon open carry enthusiast was robbed of his weapon on Saturday by another man with a gun.

According to KOIN Channel 6, 21-year-old William Coleman III of Gresham was standing and talking to his cousin shortly after 2:00 a.m. on Saturday when another man approached him and asked for a cigarette.

The other man — described as a black male around 6 feet tall with a lean build and wavy hair — asked Coleman about his weapon, a Walther P22 pistol.

He then pulled a pistol from the waistband of his pants, pointed it at Coleman and said, “I like your gun. Give it to me.”


  1. Lets not forget other politicians who have taken open carry to a high level,

    Of course, it didn't work out too well for him in the long run. BTW Jade, we already discussed the plight of Mr. Coleman.

  2. This from someone who concealed carries for "tactical reasons."


  3. They are posing. Great! Lets pose then. Lets make sure that the government and anti gun people, gun grabbers and gun banners ALL see that the people WILL NOT give up the very tools that has won our freedom and continually keeps us free.

    Lets pose for them, proudly and boldly, so that there shall never be any doubt that the individuals that believe in freedom will reinforce the tools of freedom shall never be forgotten or taken.

    Just like you, Jadegold, who never wants anybody to forget that YOU have freedom of expression, these "posers" never want anybody to forget that it is their, and your, CIVIL RIGHT to express open carry of arms.