Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Serious ignorance

From Facebook:

I'm not sure if this is serious stupidity or rampant ignorance since pretty much everybody knows it is the US CONSTITUTION that begins "We the people.."

Well, everybody except this idiot.

The Phrase "we the people" is totally absent from the Declaration of Independence.

Which would be something this person would know if he actually read either document, which he obviously hasn't.

Neither has he understood either one for their historic and legal significance. And I am not patient enough to try to educate this person since he is a lost cause for any intellectual pursuit.

I would be pretty sure that things like ablative absolutes would seriously go well beyond this person's intellectual capacity.

Again, why I don't bother with the average gun loon. This clown is pretty typical for the intellectual level of a gunloon.

Of course, Gunloons will more than eagerly foist their ignorance upon one.

Ignorance isn't bliss: it's really fucking annoying.


  1. BTW, the person who wrote the original comment has no business calling anyone any sort of "tard" epithet.

    After all, he just came up with the biggest clunker imaginable.

    1. He's obviously too lazy to read the original documents.

      What's your excuse for being so educated and yet so incapable of understanding or properly interpreting the documents you cite?

  2. Your narcissism knows no bounds does it Laci. Your need to continually insult others intelligence is telling of your character and you are the exact type of person I raised my children NOT to be.

    1. That's why they're all going to turn out to be real simple fucks !!!

  3. Just more proof that all gun control freaks are vainglorious, hateful, turd-throwing slime bags.

  4. Just like the gun loons on this site who read the Constitution to say if they disagree with a law they can take arms against the government. And you wonder why they call you LOONY!??