Monday, May 18, 2015

Waco Texas: Sunday Biker Gang Shooting Leaves Nine Dead, 18 Injured

Local news

Rival motorcycle gangs turned a local restaurant into a shooting gallery Sunday afternoon and when the gunfire was over, nine people were dead and 18 were injured.

Waco police Sunday afternoon, assisted by Department of Public Safety troopers, police officers from several cities and deputies from the McLennan County Sheriff's Office were surrounding the Twin Peaks Restaurant, in the Central Texas Market Place after several people were reported shot during a rival motorcycle gang fight.

Police initially said three gangs were involved, but later said factions from at least five gangs took part in the melee.

Police and troopers were in the parking lot trying to secure the area and protect citizens when a fight broke out inside the restaurant and spilled into the parking lot.

Swanton said the fight quickly escalated from fists and feet to chains, clubs and knives, then to gunfire. Gang members were shooting at each other and officers at the scene fired their weapons, as well.

Swanton said officers recovered more than 100 weapons from the scene and there were several vehicles that had bullet holes in them.

Dan Zimmerman of The Truth about Guns had this to say: "Why do we carry guns? This is why:"

I'd like to know what good Dan and his gun would have been able to offer.


  1. Mike Mr Zimmerman made no claim that his gun would have done "good" or that he would have even drawn his weapon had he been near this situation but rather simply that this type of situation is why many people carry guns as an absolute last resort option for self defense in absolutely horrific situations.

    "Do We Have a Gang Problem or a Gun Problem?".....Gang problem without question

    1. George, Dan Zimmerman did not phrase his question, "why do many people carry guns, or why do some people." He said "Why do we carry guns? This is why:" The inference is clear as its absurdity.

  2. Mike - why did the police on site feel they needed to have guns? Did those guns do the police any good?