Friday, December 11, 2015

Meet Johnny Max Mount - Concealed Carry Permit Holder and Avid Smoker

Johnny Max Mount returns to his seat after his initial appearance in front of Judge Albert Fountain in Harrison County court on a charge of first-degree murder in the Friday shooting of Waffle House server Julie Brightwell.

Local news

The man accused of shooting a Waffle House server over a smoking ban had only one question when standing before a judge for his initial appearance on Monday.
"Is the death penalty going to be involved in this charge?" suspect Johnny Max Mount asked Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain.
According to authorities, Brightwell was trying to get Mount to stop smoking in the restaurant when he pulled out a 9 mm handgun and shot her. She was taken to Merit Health Biloxi, where she was pronounced dead.
Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove said she died of a single gunshot wound the head.

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  1. The important thing is that he had his gun to head shoot her and didn't have to resort to using something that didn't work as well.

    He was thinking of her well being I'm sure.

  2. I guess he was hoping that he could get the death penalty because you can't smoke in prison.

  3. Where does it say he has a permit to carry?

  4. A great representative of your side.

    1. Since he doesn't have a permit to carry, he can only represent your side.

    2. Right, because he doesn't have a permit to carry (and we don't know that) it's perfectly OK for him to pull his gun on innocent people, laughable, if it wasn't so dangerous. No surprise you support this idiots actions.

    3. If he DID NOT have a permit to carry he would have been charged for illegal possession or something like that. He wasn't, therefore, he had a permit.

  5. Sure Mike, whatever you say. Your assumptions are always correct,yes?