Monday, November 29, 2010

American Mercenary Represents the State of Gunloon Scholarship

American Mercenary:
Remember, he who has the guns makes the rules. And the GCA 34 was translated from German and implemented here by a Socialist President and Legislature. It can happen. And you are working to make it happen.
M'kay.  Notice there are no cites or references to back up this claim.  Here, AM, lemme show you how it's done:

American Rifleman (NRA official publication,  March 1968, p. 22):
"The NRA supported The National Firearms Act of 1934 which taxes and requires registration of such firearms as machine guns, sawed-off rifles and sawed-off shotguns..."

"The NRA supported The Federal Firearms Act of 1938, which regulates interstate and foreign commerce in firearms and pistol or revolver ammunition..."
"The duty of Congress is clear," Orth said, "it should act now to pass legislation that will keep undesirables, including criminals, drug addicts and persons adjudged mentally irresponsible or alcoholic, or juveniles from obtaining firearms through the mails."


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  1. American Mercenary magazine represents militarism in America.