Saturday, December 4, 2010

Newark Shootings

When reading stories like these, it seems obvious that the so-called strict gun laws in New Jersey are not working.  At least that's what the pro-gun voices say. I don't think they really believe that.  I think they realize that if it weren't for the laws already in place in the Garden State, there would have been ten or twenty shootings in Newark instead of just five. And I think they realize if all the other states had the same laws as New Jersey, those five shootings might have been only three.

In other words that old argument that places like Chicago and D.C. prove gun control doesn't work is bogus.

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  1. Yet in many of the gun friendly states, none were shot.

  2. You seem to be all over the board, Mike. On this post you claimed Chicago’s gun laws can’t work because they are next to a state like Indiana. You called their laws “meaningless”.

  3. TS, what are playing "gotcha" now?

    What I believe is gun laws' effectiveness is diminished by the proximity of other states with lax laws, but they do work. Remove them and the violence would increase. Make strict laws in all the states and the violence would decrease.

    Don't you know how I feel about this stuff by now? Are you really resorting to searching for contradictions in my earlier writings to play "gotcha?"