Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wisconsin Deer Hunters

Only the second time in history has no hunter been killed during deer season. That's what I call a dubious honor.  What does it say about the norm.  Plus, let's not leave this little tidbit out.

However, 12 people were injured, according to a DNR statement.
I know there are hundreds of gazillions of hunters and only a handful get hurt or killed each year, but maybe it's time to eliminate this barbaric activity.

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  1. Go one year without a hunting season and see what happens to the deer population. They will start coming out into the neighborhoods looking for food as overpopulation quickly takes over. You can expect more car/deer accidents with fatalities on both sides (would that count as a hunting related death?).

    Anyway - why is hunting considered barbaric? How is it any different than killing a cow or a pig to eat?

    For that matter how is it any different than mowing down thousands of acres of crops to eat?

  2. I'm all for eliminating hunting if you don't mind me putting out dishes of anti-freeze to keep their population down.

  3. Yes you will have a spike in populations of deer, but also predators that eat the deer. Except humans, so you can expect more issues with attacks on humans as well as deer.

    Now, the major problem is, not the increase in population, but the damage done because of the population increase. More deer means that there will eventually be less food, which requires more area. If new areas are not found that means a drop in population. A boom/bust cycle.

    After all is said and done, you must take into account those who hunt deer for food. By my limited count, there are far more who hunt deer for food, than hunt deer for trophies.

    One other thing, I do not know any hunters who want to see their prey suffer, needlessly. But I am stating the obvious. Sometimes, it must be stated, because people are simply ignorant.

  4. We must close the dead animal loophole.

  5. I forgot that hunters are interested primarily in the humanitarian (animal-rights) aspect of hunting.

  6. You do realize that hunters contribute 90% of all money spent on wildlife conservation world-wide don't you?

    Hippies including all of the PETArds and Whale War watching crowd contribute less than 3% while governments spend non-hunting derived tax dollars to make up the remainder.

  7. FWM, After that one you can never accuse anyone else of pulling stats out of their ass.