Friday, December 3, 2010

Legalize Drugs

LEAP is a wonderful site. William Cooke over there highlighted a news item about Willie Nelson pushing for marijuana legalization, adding a suggestion of his own.

Good for Willie Nelson. However, he ought to consider the wisdom of legalizing, taxing, and regulating all drugs. Also, I think he would be wiser to include people in his proposed party who lean to the right as well. Many conservatives want to end the drug war too. 
Those are two very interesting points. One, it should be all drugs and not just pot. And two, it's not only the lefty types who support this.

Do you agree? Please leave a comment.


  1. I think this would do a lot more to reduce violence (including the type involving firearms) in this country than any of your unconstitutional licensing and registration schemes.

  2. Mike, you and Jade (and DemoCommie and Laci) go to great lengths to conflate us "gunnies" with radical, right-wing, Christian conservative types, but I think you'll find that we run the gamut from liberal to libertarian. I happen to consider myself to be a libertarian, and I didn't particularly care for G-Dubs any more than you guys, although I think even less of Obama. I don't need the .gov telling me what to do, whether it's what I put into my body, who I marry or how I choose to defend myself. As a historian by degree, I see far too many violent parallels between the unnecessary government interference of Prohibition and the War on Drugs today.

  3. Fair enough, Colin. I'll try to be careful when painting with that broad brush.