Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gun Accidents

The Miami Heralds reports:

A Hernando County man reportedly shot himself in the hand while trying to clean his gun.

The sheriff's office reports that 26-year-old Sean Santana was in his backyard Saturday afternoon, about to spray the .25-caliber pistol with cleaning solvent when the gun fired and hit him in the left middle finger.

Santana wrapped his hand and drove himself to a nearby hospital.

Deputies have determined the shooting was accidental.
Do you think the appropriate response to something like this is writing it off as an accident and going on as before? Don't you think a guy who does this, which just as easily as hitting his finger could have killed someone or himself, is too irresponsible to own guns safely? Pro-gun folks are always talking about how difficult it is to identify the dangerous ones before the do something really bad. Well, this is how. One strike you're out.

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  1. I'm pretty sure he already learned the best lesson he could in this case.

  2. What is he doing spraying solvent on a fully assembled gun?

    MikeB, I am addressing one of your comments in Japete’s blog to you here since not all comments go through there:

    Brett asked me, "what other misdeameanor convictions do you think should result in a permanent deprivation of a constitutional right."

    All misdemeanors with a gun. At the judge's discretion some paperwork crimes or other really minor deviations might be overlooked.

    All misdemeanor violence whether in the home or not.

    Of course, one negligent discharge of a weapon also results in loss of rights even if no misdemeanor is involved.

    I think that'll do it.

    I get that you draw the line at misdemeanors while I draw it at felonies- fine, it is consistent with you beliefs on gun ownership. But I have big problems with your first line. Often times this will mean someone losing their gun rights for the crime of… owning a gun. There are way too many misdemeanors (and even felonies) that vary from state to state and locale to locale regarding the ownership of guns (as opposed to crimes while using guns). Can we at least agree to only strip away rights for doing something wrong- something MORALLY or negligently wrong?

  3. No, becasue that would allow people in possession of a large numbers of guns or of fully auto weapons to evade the punishment because they didn't "do" something, they were just "in possession."

    My point is that we should be extremely strict and unforgiving with gun misuse. The exact details of such a program, in every possible situation, I don't know. We're talking in general terms, which should be enough unless you want to nit-pick it to death instead of just arguing.